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Thank you for choosing to make a donation to the Hogs For Dogs organization. Your contributions, and the contributions of fellow supporters, will have a direct impact on our charity partners' ability to provide service dogs to sight, hearing, and mobility impaired individuals who rely on them for an improved quality of life. Every dollar makes a difference. Here are some examples of how your donations can help:

Donation Amount:

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$30 - Pays for one month of dog food
$50 - Pays for annual vaccinations for an Assistance Dog
$100 - Pays for hip and elbow x-rays for an Assistance Dog
$200 - Pays for a leash, collar, backpack and crate for an Assistance Dog at time of placement
$475 - Pays for the re-certification or enhanced training for an Assistance Dog team
$700 - Pays for an in-home, videotaped Needs Assessment for a potential client
$1,200 - Pays for the expenses to raise a Foster Puppy for one year
$18,000 - Complete sponsorship for an Assistance Dog Team *
$40,000 - Complete sponsorship for a Guide Dog Team *
   * Pre-Authorization may be required

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Please contact us if you experience any difficulties while making your donation.

If you wish to help us in our quest to provide assistance for persons with disabilities,
please CONTACT US directly, or mail your check to:

Hogs For Dogs
6300-138 Creedmoor Road, Box 402
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

Hogs For Dogs thanks you for your support.

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